Why You Should Grow NARC G1 Crop in 2024


Everyone please take note of my message and save it as a record. 

Narc G1

I am not an agricultural expert nor have much involvement in the field of agriculture but I have been deeply interested in NARC-G1 for some time now and I have come to this conclusion. 

The rates of NARC-G1 will remain the same for at least next six to seven years, there is a possibility that it will be a little lower or a little higher, but it will not come to the rates of normal garlic until the requirements of Pakistan are met. which is currently at least 2.5 lac tons per year and will further increase as the population increases.

Once we meet our local (Pakistan) requirement then we will be able to export it and if before our local requirement is met foreigners start interested in importing and start exporting NARC-G1 then it is most likely that the prices of NARC-G1 will either remain stable for many years in Pakistan or the prices may increase further.

Therefore, all the small farmers must buy seeds more or less according to their capacity and strength so that they can also become NARC G-1 growers and improve their economic condition by producing their own seeds.

Small farmers who have small agricultural land of two or four acres or less should come this way because it is best for small farmers to improve their economic condition. I believe NARC G-1 will be a life changing opportunity for them. 

It is also said by many people who generally have little knowledge that it is of no use, its prices will fall to the ground, so how much will it fall to the ground?. Let suppose If the prices are equal to normal garlic, then my calculation says that its fresh average production per acre will be 16 tons and in full dry condition it will be 4.8 tons per acre. Still the price per acre will be near to 13 to 14 lacs according to normal garlic. Here I would like to ask all those people and farmers criticizing G1 garlic, which crops in Pakistan giving an income of 13 to 14 lacs per acre?.

And if these prices are maintained for seven or eight years with a slight decrease, which is going on now and which seems certain to be maintained, then at least for the next seven or eight years, the farmers can earn 2.5 to 3.5 crores from an acre, which is incredible.

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