How Profitable is NARC G1 Garlic in 2024 – Seeds PK

How Profitable is NARC G1 Garlic in 2023 – Seeds PK

How Profitable is NARC G1 Garlic in 2024 – Seeds PK In 2018 G1 garlic variety was introduced by National Agricultural Research Council (NARC). The aim of this variety was to fulfill domestic demands and export it to other countries to help grow farmers and Pakistan’s economy due to its significant growth and profitability. Many Farmers around the country started purchasing Narc G1 seed. While most of the farmers are growing G1 Garlic variety, is it still worth investing in this Garlic variety? Is it still profitable in 2023? Let’s see what the successful G1 garlic growers have to say about it. 

NARC G1 Garlic Grower in Swabi District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Muhammad Ismael is a garlic grower in Swabi district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Ismael said he started growing the G1 on a small scale in 2019 and now after realizing its financial benefits he had expanded production over around 30 acres of land. He claimed, The per acre revenue generation through production of the G1 is estimated around RS:// 10 million and can be improved by employing scientific cultivation techniques. He said ”The cultivation period of the G1 is around seven months, starting from September end when sowing is made to the end of May when the yield is harvested. In coming years NARC G1 will change the fate of farmers and the Pakistan agriculture community  ”.

Taimoor Munawar Khan, another grower from Bannu district. He said “Cultivation period of G1 is around one month longer than ordinary garlic because of its large size”. Because of its profitability ratio Taimoor is growing G1 Garlic on an area of 10 acres. Taimoor said garlic is an integral part of our meal and due to its high medicinal benefits, demand for the commodity is increasing manifold. This variety of garlic can change the fate of the farming community of the country and is cultivable in almost all the areas of the country in coming years. 

He said areas with sandy soil can give more production of the G1, but it can also be cultivated in almost every area of the country. The garlic was also very much beneficial for farmers of Southern districts of KP where agriculture production was low due to shortage of irrigation water. Presently the production of G1 has not reached the market yet as the vegetable product is being traded among farmers only as seed, as a result of which, its prices increased. The price of seed per one kg is around Rs 2000 to 2500,  that is why the limited stock of production is utilized for cultivation only instead of sending it to kitchens for human consumption. 

Meanwhile, growers in Punjab were also found very much happy over experimental cultivation of the NARC-G1 and termed it as a potential product for earning sufficient amount of foreign exchange through export. Saad Javed, an educated farmer from Samandari Tehsil of Faisalabad, said he found the G1 garlic as a highly profitable product due to high demand and very suitable price. Sharing estimates of investment in cultivation and profits in yield, Saad Javed shared that sowing of two to 2.5 mun of seed on one kanal land cost up to Rs 400,000 to 500,000 while the yield from one kanal was around 40 muns generating an amount of Rs 800,000 to 10,00000 (one million).  

Vice Chancellor Agriculture University Peshawar, Prof. Dr. Jehan Bakht, while inspecting a farm of the G1 garlic within the premises of varsity over an area of one acre, said this new variety is  very much beneficial for improving earnings of farmers besides earning of foreign exchange.

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