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We are offering Genuine NARC G1 garlic seeds for pre-booking of 2024 crop and providing FREE consultancy to farmers. Schedule a video call or visit our farms before purchasing with satisfaction. Our bookings are limited and will be served on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis.

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NARC G1 Garlic – Cost and Preparation for an Acre

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We are growers & distributors of Narc G1 Garlic based in Sahiwal, Pakistan. We are committed to provide high quality garlic in large quantities at competitive prices. What you can also get from Seeds Pk.

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Pakistan produces 81,167 tonnes and imports 46,139 tonnes from China

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Sowing Time

Sowing time is October to November

Harvest Time

G1 Garlic is harvested after 6-7 months in May to June

Average Bulb Weight

Average bulb weight of fresh G1 Garlic is 200-500 grams

Grow In All Pakistan

You can grow G1 Garlic in any area in Pakistan

Why You Should Grow NARC G1 Garlic

NARC G1 garlic farming is a high production garlic crop and more profitable farming in Pakistan. More production per acre and more profit nowadays is very easy from narc g1 garlic farming. NARC G1 garlic is the best commercial farming seed according to our atmosphere. G1 garlic is a high yield variety and farmers can get an estimated yield of 200 mun to 350 mun per acre. We can not only fulfill our garlic demand on national levels but we can also export it to other countries and help our economy grow.

NARC G1 has more nutritions and health benefits as compared to traditional garlic. Nutritionists prefer Pakistani G1 Garlic because It is an excellent source of vitamin E, C, and A. It also contains allicin, which has been known for its antibacterial properties. Pakistan’s NARC G1 garlic Garlic contains all of the essential amino acids, saponins, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for human health.

  • 800 Kg

    Seeds requirements per acre

  • 200-350 Mun

    Yield per acre

  • 6-7 Months

    Crop duration

  • 6

    Number Plantation Rows on one bed

We are growers and distributors of High Quality Genuine NARC G1 Garlic seed based in Sahiwal, Pakistan. It's a variety of garlic that is known for its exceptional growth and profitability for farmers.

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If you are looking for the Genuine NARC G1 Garlic seed you are at the right place. Since 2019 SeedsPk has been growing NARC G1 Garlic and helping farmers to grow G1 garlic. SeedsPK provides you with the High Quality G1 garlic seed. You can visit our farms and seed storage facility before purchasing our High Quality seed. Our Experts will also provide our valuable customers consultancy services and plant protection techniques.

Quality NARC G1 Seeds, Trusted by Farmers.

SeedsPK is the trusted NARC G1 grower since 2019, providing high quality G1 seeds and directing you in the right direction of success.

Free Consultancy

We give our valuable customers FREE consultancy and tips to get the most out of NARC G1 crops year by year.

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Want to have a call with our experts or Want to have a visit to our seed storage facility before purchasing G1 seed, feel free to contact us on our giver number.

How to Buy NARC G1 Seeds

To buy our high quality NARC G1 Seeds, you can follow these easy steps and make your order.

Step 1: Select Seed Weight

Select your land or Seed weight on our Price Estimation Calculator and complete the order

Step 2: Confirmation Call

Schedule a call with our representative. You can visit our fields or Storage facility

Step 3: Make payment

Make your Payment via Bank Transfer. Our representative will call you after receiving payment

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You can take your seed right away after completing your order with payment. Or we can deliver it to you at your given address.

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We work with farmers from across the country from providing the best quality G1 Garlic Seed to cultivation and harvesting. See what our farmers say about our high quality G1 Garlic seed and farming-related consultancy services.
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Mr Kamran is a well known farmer based in Koray Karam Shah, Tehsil Phalia. He has been our customer for the last 18 months and is very happy with the results.
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Mr Abbass from Peshawar, Pakistan joined us 9 months ago and now he is involved in the garlic trading and harvesting business.
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Mr. Abdullah is involved in NARC G1 Garlic Trading Internationally and he is highly successful and happy working with us.
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Mr Muhammad Tanvir started investing in the G1 Garlic cultivation and trading program in 2020 from the UK. He is one of our most successful traders.

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